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American Folklore American Studies 01:050:263 Rutgers, The State University Study Guide: “The Greek Gods” (1998) 1. In Greek mythology who was the ruler of the Titans and the father of Zeus? 2. How did Rhea manage to spare Zeus? 3. What was the outcome of the battle of the titans? 4. What was the favored weapon of Zeus, ruler of the Gods? 5. What was the food of the gods? What was the drink of the gods? 6. What did Hera, wife of Zeus protect? Whom did she protect? 7. Who was the goddeess of growing things? 8. Who was the 14-year-old daughter of Demeter, carried off to the underworld? 9. Who was the god of wine, fertility and wild behavior? 10. Who was the god of light, music, and prophecy? 11. Who was the goddess of wildlife? 12. Who was the nymph that refused Apollo’s affections and was turned into a laurel tree? 13. Who was the god of healing? 14. What was the name for those who had a god as a father and a mortal as a mother? 15. What was the name for a creature that was half man and half horse?
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