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American Folklore Rutgers University Study Guide: “Voodoo Rituals” For centuries, this ancient system of rituals has fascinated and terrified the world. It is perhaps one of the most misunderstood religions, brought to the Western Hemisphere from enslaved Africans during the slave trade. Today millions of devoted practitioners still put their faith in these primitive spiritual traditions, and the rituals where they claim life’s secrets can be found in a realm where only the dead subside. Yuseff Abdulla was no exception. We follow this man on an odyssey into his ancestral homeland and the forbidden world of Voodoo. From the swamps of the Deep South to a remote corner in Africa, he’ll bare witness to sacred Voodoo rituals rarely seen by uninitiated. 1. What led Yuseff Abdullah initially to vist the Oyotunji African Village located near Sheldon, Beaufort County, South Carolina? 2. What did Yuseff Abdullah learn from Chief Olofundeyi Olaitan, spiritual elder? 3. What did Yuseff Abdullah learn from Oseijaman Adefunmi, founder of the Oyotunji
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Study+Guide%2C+Voodoo+Rituals - American Folklore Rutgers...

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