Idioms - http:/ 1. not a dry...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon 1. not a dry eye (in the house) everyone is crying or feels strong emotion When he sang the beautiful old Austrian folksong, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Etymology: based on a special meaning of the house (the people attending a performance in a theater) 2. put your foot to the floor ( American ) to suddenly increase your speed when you are driving I put my foot to the floor and reached the apartment in less than an hour. 3. third time's the charm Prov. The third time you try to do something, it will work. Jill: I've called Miriam twice, but she doesn't answer her phone. Jane: Try again. The third time's the charm. 4. by guess and by gosh and by guess and by golly Rur. by estimating; without careful planning. Jane: Did you have a plan for putting up that toolshed? Tom: Nope, we just sort of did it by guess and by gosh. Grandma always made dresses by guess and by golly, without using a pattern, and they always turned out just fine. 5.
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Idioms - http:/ 1. not a dry...

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