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Kexiang Hu Vocabulary List #1 1. Doldrums , Noun, a lack of activity or improvement. “Despite these measures, the economy remains in the doldrums.” Source: textbook 2. Flicker, verb, to move with small quick movements. “Her eyelids flickered as she slept. “ Source: textbook 3. Flimsy, adj., badly made and not strong enough for the purpose for which it is used, “this company provides flimsy table to the customers.” Source: textbook 4. Assuage, verb, to make an unpleasant feeling less severe. “His reply did little to assuage my suspicions. “ Source: supplement reading 5. Steely, adj. strong, hard and unfriendly person’s character. “She showed us a look of steely determination.” Source : supplement reading 6. Retribution, noun, severe punishment for sth. Seriously wrong that sb. has done. “People are seeking retribution for the latest terrorist outrages.” Source : online reading 7. Manifest, verb, to show sth clearly especially a feeling, an attitude or a quality. “Social tensions were manifested in the recent political crisis.”
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