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Web Project Grade Sheet (7/25/08ljm) (Subject to minor revisions) Section: Name: Your Points Requirement 1 1. Web site with at least 4 web pages. 2. Page 1 is a Home Page done with HTML using Notepad 2 a. Includes "hot links" to pages 2 and 4. 2 b. HTML coding method used with Notepad to create this page. 1 c. Uses a background downloaded from another web site. 3. 2 a. Includes at least two "hot links" to non BYU web sites. 1 b. Has a dark solid color background with light colored text. 2 c. Includes a table for text 2 d. Uses a table to assist with web page organization 2 e. Web Editor (e.g. KompoZer) used to create these pages 2 f. CSS used to manage format on at least 2 pages. 2 4. Page 4 is a resume page created using Word. . 1 5. Text for hotlinks are different than regular text and change colors after visit
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Unformatted text preview: 2 6. Web site has text which is centered, italics, bold, and different fonts & sizes 2 7. Web site includes two or more scanned pictures or digital photos 2 8. Uses at least one photo or graphic as a hotlink 2 9. Web site includes a "mailto" hyperlink email form. 1 10. Web site includes at least two icons downloaded from another site. 1 11. Within page navigation used in page 1, 2 or 3 1 12. Includes a comment with student's name in the html code 3 13. Style (Organization/appearance 3=really spiffy, 2=nice, 1=little appeal) 3 14. Originality (3=Very original, 2=some originality 1=variation on example) 3 15. Properly loaded on web server & tested; all icons/objects load & links work 40 (Emphasis: Be sure your Home page is HTML using Notepad) Points Possible...
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