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Final individual case

Final individual case - To Melissa Varney Manager of...

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To: Melissa Varney, Manager of Technical Support and Training From: Kexiang Hu, Supervisor of the Training Group Date: April 12, 2011 Subject: ANNUAL RAISE RECOMMENDATIONS In your March 23 Annual Raise memo, you asked for final decisions about proper annual raise that might be acceptable for our employees in the Training Group Department. This memo contains the information you requested. The criteria chosen for proper evaluation include the following: Annual Workshop Ratings Training Certifications Supervisor Ratings of Full-Time Employees - Y1 (Jan - Jun); Y2 (Jul - Dec) Supervisor’s Personal Notes After evaluating the four above criteria, I recommend an annual raise system like this. The following text includes (a) a list of the critical factors used in the evaluation and (b) comparison of full-time employees’ overall performances and specific situation analysis. Critical Factors Three factors were used in allocating the right amount of salary raise. Each factor was weighted according to its importance in employee’s performance evaluation process.
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