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Syllabus Quiz ISYS 201 (r1/11/10bba) Section#1__ Complete your answers using this Word document, and then print to hand in during class. 1. T F the course website is never subject to change and checking it often is unnecessary. 2. T F Students should make sure that their homework files function in Office 2007. 3. T F You will have two weeks after an assignment score is posted to resolve any problems. 4. T F Quizzes are over material from the previous two class days. 5. T F Homework problems are graded based on completion and effort, not on correctness. 6. B Which of the following is NOT what a TA is used for? A. Grade the course work B. Pre-grade assignments C. Help you understand the material D. Help the professor 7. D which of the following is accepted late under normal circumstances? A. Quizzes B. Exams C. Homework Preparation Problems D. Project Assignments
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Unformatted text preview: 8. A When must a late item is turned in by to receive up to 60% credit? A. Friday of the week originally due. B. Within two weeks of the due date C. Within one week of the due date. D. Late items only receive 40% credit. 9. B How does the course distribute final grades? A. No curve B. Average GPA of 3.2 (between B & B+) C. Only 20 students receive an A or –A C. Close eyes and pick from a hat 10. D Under what circumstances may students do their project assignments in groups? A. Only on certain designated projects. B. When the TA gives me permission. C. All may be done in groups. D. Never - All must be done individually BONUS QUESTION: Where can I find the TA email contact information, lab hours, and office hours? __In the Course Syllabus under Professors& TA tab________________________...
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