TheWorldIsFlatWorksheet - ______________small groups___. 3....

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The World Is Flat – Worksheet (8/25/08lm) Name__Sec#_001__ Complete your answers using this Word document, and then print to hand in during class. View: “The World is Flat” Lecture - - [Click “Play Now” – then select Connection Speed – probably “broadband – 220K” and Click “PLAY NOW” (again)]. Complete this Worksheet and submit it next class period. 1. Globalization 1.0 refers to what period of time? C a. 2000 – current year b. 1800 – 2000 c. 1492 – 1800 d. 632 – 1066 2. Globalization 3.0 is achieved through ________individuals__________ and
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Unformatted text preview: ______________small groups___. 3. (5 points) List the ten flattening factors: 11/9/89 allow us to see and think of the world as a single flat planet Informing(Google, search) 8/9/95 net ski browser, first commercial browser to bring the internet alive. Get people connected all around the world. outsourcing Platform Collaborating offshoring Supply chaining open sourcing Insourcing Steroids, file sharing. 4. Describe the First Convergence: 5. What is the Second Convergence? 6. In your career, who are you competing with? (I.e. what is the Third Convergence?)...
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TheWorldIsFlatWorksheet - ______________small groups___. 3....

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