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BOM 121 midterm study guide - Midterm Study Guide Book of...

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Midterm Study Guide Book of Mormon 121 Make sure you have read all assigned reading from the syllabus, the Book of Mormon, the Student Manual, and any talks assigned to read. You will also need to have seen the movie, Journey of Faith. Nephi made two sets of plates : large plates=contained”full account of the history of my people”(2Nephi 9:2), Small plates= contained events of “ministry of my people” Know: What Lehi saw in his Tree of Life vision and the symbolism of those things? The iron rod symbolized the word of God. Gospel of Jesus Christ. The great spacious building: symbolized the pride of the world. The mist of darkness symbolized the sins and temptations. The tree of life symbolized, the fruit represents the love of God. Symbols in the dream:Rod of Iron, 1 Nephi 8:20, straight and narrow path, spacious field, tree, fruite of the tree8:11, fountain of living waters, river of water, mists of darkness, great and spacious building. The main prophet who taught in the land of Israel at the same time Lehi did. Jeremiah. What and who Nephi and Lehi saw in their vision. Lehi saw Jesus and the twelve apostles. What agency is and how we use it 。 Agency=the ability to make choices. Freedom=the ability to carry out the choices we have made. Moral agency = the ability to choose between good and evil or the ability to make moral choices. There is a mental process involved whenever we use our agency. Use it rationalization. Who Nephi was and what he did. He is the son of Lehi and he is the brother of Lemmual and Lammual. He built the boat. Who Jacob was and what he did. Son of Lehi, he was born after they left Jeresualm. He taught in the church like Nephi did and became a prophet of Christ. He is the one like the most strict. He talked to people of Nephi who is kind of the wicked, and he is strict about
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BOM 121 midterm study guide - Midterm Study Guide Book of...

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