Kodak Tries To Bring Its Digital Revival Into Focus4

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Darrin Wright November 4, 2011 Business Week(Sept. 5-11) pg.21 #4 Kodak Tries To Bring Its Digital Revival Into Focus This article is about the Eastman Kodak Company and how it is struggling to keep up with its more technically advanced competitors. CEO, Antonio Perez, has been having a hard time shifting the 131-year old company into the Digital Age. He has been managing the decline of the film business, while at the same time, investing the new product lines. He is betting the company’s future: printers for consumers and printing and imaging equipment for businesses. The 65 year old states: “It’s a matter of time and execution, and we will get there.” Because if the uncertain economic recovery, lingering housing slump, and gyrating stock market, the company can’t seem to operate at is full potential. The rising of commodity prices have boosted Kodak’s costs. This is causing the company to quickly spend the cash it needs to reinvent itself. This past July, Perez put about 1,100 of the company’s patents on the block,
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