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Darrin Wright November 9, 2011 Business Week #5 Innovator: The Index of Life This article goes into the subject of the Greplin Company, which was co-founded by Daniel Gross at 20 year old in San Francisco, California. Greplin is a personal search engine that allows you to search all your online data in one easy place. The engine indexes the information you create on different websites (ex.Gmail, Twitter and Facebook) and provides lightning fast search of all your information. It is similar to Google, but for your private life. While using Greplin, users are able to input their credentials for Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a host of other popular webservers to create a search engine that is compatible of sifting through all types of personal documents, contacts, and calendar items. Google as a massive index, which is the reason why Robbie Walker left Google to co found Greplin with Danil Gross. Walker refers to the company as a massive library full of books, each of which
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Unformatted text preview: is only accessible by one person. Gross began programing at the age of 10, influenced by his father who was a computer science teacher. Years later he joined a ringtone company, Vringo, as one of the employees. At 18, Gross’s plan to become a technologist in the Israeli Army got sidetracked when, on a whim, he flew out to California to pitch an idea to startup incubator YCombinator. He impressed the founder, Paul Graham, and was accepted on the spot. Gross decided to stay in California and become one of the most connected young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. While Greplin’s nine employees spend days programing code, CEO Gross takes meetings with top exes at Google, Facebook, and elsewhere. Those alliances are already paying off. When users were having issues searching for data on their Facebook profile, Gross emailed Bret Taylor, FB Chief Technology Officer/angel investor, and he came that weekend to personally fix the problem himself....
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