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The Master Architect - masses. He was still masterful,...

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Darrin Wright October 31, 2011 Business Week(Steve Job Edition) Summary #3 The Master Architect In this article, by Steve Jurveston, he focuses on how passionate and dedicated the late Steve Jobs was while building up his company. It also discusses some of his issues and struggles he had to overcome. The Apple co-founder had infectious enthusiasm when it came to running the company. He’s work ethic came so natural because he loved what he was doing. May 24, 1985, Apple's board of directors sided removed Jobs from his managerial duties as head of the Macintosh division. Jobs resigned from Apple five months later and founded NeXT Inc. the same year. The neXT years were torture for him, as he was force to step away from the company he loved. The NeXTSTEP operating system, object-oriented frame- works, and Interface Builder were awesome products, but there were what Jobs considered the pedestrian business of enterprise IT sales. Selling was boring to him. He wanted to work with the
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Unformatted text preview: masses. He was still masterful, relating how stories of how MCI saved so much time and money developing their system on NeXTSTEP. It later became to be the No. 1 in market share. Apple later ended up buying NeXTSTEP and Jobs was reborn. Jobs was the master architect of Apple design. Jobs changed the clutter of buttons and hardware to a simple type of software and services. He even designed some details of the retail architecture for the Apple store. He minimized complex ideas to a mere vessel of code. This showed how he lived his life from sparse furnishings at home, to sartorial simplicity, to his war on buttons, from the mouse to the keyboard to the phone. Jobs attracted the best people and motivated them to do better than their best. He rallied teams to work in deep harmony....
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