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paper 2 - Jasmine [email protected] Composition for Honors...

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Jasmine McElroy @02652197 Composition for Honors Paper #2 Gender Roles Rule Society? “We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.” Joseph Campbell said that powerful quote. What the words mean is that life has a way of working out differently than people plan for it to. Therefore, people need to be somewhat flexible so that they can adjust to the many changes life brings about. Since unanticipated occurrences happen often in life, people need to realize that they will not always be able to do everything in a socially acceptable manner. Society has a way of trying to influence people to conform to the supposedly normal standards of being. However, no situation is perfect. Many things can occur to change circumstances that may alter a person’s ability to act in the capacity of a specific gender role. Therefore, no person or family always meets all the expectations and standards of society. A prime example of this idea is the movie, Eat Drink Man Woman, by Ang Lee. This intriguing film challenges social expectations by illustrating how ideal social conduct and reality often differ through gender roles, which raises questions as to whether people actually fall into certain roles in society or not. The events in the lives of the father in the film and the middle daughter, Jia-Chien, most effectively illustrate the effects of not assimilating into the gender roles society imposes upon people. Gender roles affect socially acceptable household responsibilities, job selection, and relationships in many ways. According to society, each gender has a specific role that they are supposed to play when it comes to household responsibilities, but those required duties are not always completed by the person society expects. Gender roles differ cross-culturally, but some standards are considered to
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be universal. For example, in most societies women are supposed to play a more subservient role than men. In most known societies, the women are expected to do the household labor, such as
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