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Jasmine McElroy @02652197 Composition for Honors II Dr. Shinn Final Research Paper Outline I. Introduction A. Background Information A.i. Sodexo history A.i.1. Globally A.i.2. In United States A.i.3. At Howard B. Research Question B.i. What it is B.ii. How it will be explored in paper II. Body A. Cultural Anthropological Perspective A.i. Etic vs. Emic view A.ii. Look into Sodexo café employee subculture
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Unformatted text preview: A.ii.1. D.C. subculture B. Psychological Perspective B.i. Behaviors of parties involved B.i.1. Sodexo employees B.i.2. Howard students B.ii. Look into Mental Processes of parties involved B.ii.1. Sodexo employees B.ii.2. Howard students III. Conclusion A. Recommendations for solution of problems B. Future Research Possibilities...
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