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Power Plant Tour Notes

Power Plant Tour Notes - • When looking at the efficiency...

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Power Plant Tour Notes 150/ 125 lbs of steam (pressure) are generated per hour per square inch. Approximately 150 lbs goes to the hospital and 125lbs goes to the main campus. The colder it gets, the more steam is generated. Estimated loss rate from the Power Plant to some of the further buildings (such as the quad) 5lb loss. Sources of power to the Power Plant: #2 fuel (supplied by HESS) and natural gas (supplied by Washington Fuel) The steam generated is used mainly for heating purposes on campus. Approx 35,000 lbs/ 60-65, 000 lbs of steam per hour are produced in each of the boilers/tanks The Power plant only supplies to Howard U $50-60,000 in maintenance costs(labor) per year
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Unformatted text preview: • When looking at the efficiency of the energy consider the loss of energy due to broken lines/ pipes etc as well as older equipment. • Look at EPA regulation in relation to carbon emissions • 1 lb water>>> 1 lb of steam; however once water is converted to steam it requires 1600 times as much pace to contain it • The power plant runs 24/7 • For every 100 lbs sent, 65 lbs come back to the plant (due to leaks, contamination etc) • One tank requires 91,000 gallons of water a day to produce steam. • Building Engineers are responsible for adjusting the pressure that goes to each building, based on the uses of the building....
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