Outsourcing (Career Counseling)

Outsourcing (Career Counseling) - Jasmine McElroy @02652197...

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Jasmine McElroy @02652197 02-05-11 Career Counseling Outsourcing According to the article “The Specter of Outsourcing”, by Robert Samuelson, Americans have been well aware of globalization for some time now, but many are starting not to think it favorable due to fear. Most Americans know that many companies give their blue-collar jobs, like manufacturing, to people in countries like India and China since their labor is cheaper, which is called outsourcing. However, the latest fear is that a large amount of white-collar jobs will be outsourced as well, leaving many American citizens unemployed. According to the article, “The logic that applies to manufacturing is now spreading to many services as a result of trends that Americans have generally favored: (a) the ability to “digitize” information instead of using paper; (b) cheap international communications; (c) rising educational levels abroad … (d) more big countries ----China, India, Russia---- joining the world economy” (Samuelson). It is said that labor-intensive jobs that involve collecting or analyzing information are the easiest jobs to send abroad due to cheap labor costs. For example, a large
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Outsourcing (Career Counseling) - Jasmine McElroy @02652197...

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