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Self-Assessment Paper - Jasmine McElroy 02-13-11...

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Jasmine McElroy 02-13-11 Self-Assessment Paper I am a Freshman International Business major from Columbus, Ohio. I never thought I would have ended up selecting an HBCU. HBCU stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I attended a suburban, predominately white high school. The counselors, teachers, and advisors did not advocate for HBCUs much because they believed that the other universities were better choices. Since I had never visited an HBCU, I had a myopic view of what it would be like to attend one. However, I was introduced to Howard University by some representatives from another school district in central Ohio. I learned about the benefits of attending an HBCU, such as receiving an African-American perspective in many classes. Also, I found out that Howard University is in the top three of HBCUs. Following my research, I visited Howard University, and I fell in love with the atmosphere of the campus. I could tell that the School of Business would prepare me for success in corporate America after seeing the professionalism displayed by the upperclassmen in presentations that the prospective Howard students were permitted to view. Additionally, Howard University offered me the Laureate Scholarship Award, a full ride to the university, and I was accepted into Howard’s School of Business Executive Leadership Honors Program; those two factors played key roles in my decision to attend Howard University. Prior to attending Howard University, I worked at a pizza buffet, called Cici’s Pizza in
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Self-Assessment Paper - Jasmine McElroy 02-13-11...

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