ComPower SWOT Analysis

ComPower SWOT Analysis - Social media advertising Chalk...

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ComPower SWOT Analysis An effective way to approach a situational analysis is to weigh out what the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are to the business. This is called a SWOT analysis. Internal Factors Strengths: o Product features Charges multiple items at once Provides 3 times the battery life No wall outlet needed Portability o Cost Less expensive than competition, but still good quality o Marketing ComPower week Monday o “Publicity Stunt”: Show someone getting the ConocoPhillips and ComPower logos getting “tattooed” on them in order to receive a free ComPower o handout temporary tats during the day o Session about the ComPower later at night Tuesday - Electronic-thon Wednesday – Bake Sale o ComPower shaped cookies/candy Thursday – Cafe Night Friday - release party: o Free with HU ID o ComPower giveaway Saturday o Community Service Event Sunday o Scavenger Hunt Posters and flyers
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Unformatted text preview: Social media advertising Chalk boarding/ Side Walk Chalking Local newspaper ads Hilltop ComPower Week Ad o Design Flat lithium-ion batteries(Allow it to be thin) Available in a variety of colors Customization options (e.g. port configuration) Weaknesses: o On-site Availability (will only be sold at the HU Bookstore, but selling product online is a possibility to combat this weakness) o Extra cost added onto what sale cost due to the bookstores added expenses (price is still lower than competition, so that makes up for it) External Factors Opportunities: o Expansion Ecommerce New Locations for Sales Threats : o Competition products MyGrid by Duracell Powergorilla 550 by Powertraveller USA AC/DC Laptop Charger by Targus o Economic crisis People have less money to spend, as a result...
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ComPower SWOT Analysis - Social media advertising Chalk...

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