Marketing Plan Ideas

Marketing Plan Ideas - volunteer on Saturday AND Sunday in...

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Marketing Plan Ideas Target Customers: Howard University Students Sale Location: The Howard University Bookstore Promotional efforts linked with Sales/Distribution strategy: Chalk boarding/sidewalk chalk murals Temporary murals on campus “Publicity Stunt”: Show someone getting the ConocoPhillips and ComPower logos getting “tattooed” on them in order to receive a free ComPower. Offer temporary tattoos. ComPower shaped cookies/candy Electronic-thon: People stay on their electronic devices as long as they can without the ComPower. The twist is the first one out wins the ComPower! Partner with a non-profit organization to promote ComPower. ConocoPhillips presents the ComPower Charity Weekend: Come out and
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Unformatted text preview: volunteer on Saturday AND Sunday in order to win a ComPower Throw a ComPower release party Send a ComPower to celebrity Howard Alum and get an endorsement. Organize a campus-wide scavenger hunt. (or another location) Each team of (4?) wins ComPowers ComPower week Monday Tattoo stunt and handout temporary tats during the day, session about the ComPower later at night. Tuesday - Electronic-thon. Wednesday Bake Sale. Thursday Cafe Night. Friday - release party: give out ComPowers, free with HU ID. Saturday Community Service. Sunday Scavenger Hunt....
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Marketing Plan Ideas - volunteer on Saturday AND Sunday in...

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