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marketing plan - Plan The target market for the ComPower is...

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Plan The target market for the ComPower is Howard University students. We will reach Howard students by selling our product in the Howard University Bookstore. Customers will become aware of the ComPower, our company, and our image through promotional efforts including an information session. Our promotional efforts will be compiled in a “ComPower Week” on Howard’s campus. Each day, an event will be held to promote the ComPower as a new venture for ConocoPhillips. ComPower Week will begin on Monday with a “tattoo stunt” to bring attention to our product and company. A few members of our team will participate in a stunt that gives the appearance that they are getting the ComPower logo tattooed on their bodies. Temporary tattoos will be given out that day also. In the evening, an information session will be held, discussing ConocoPhillips and the ComPower. On Tuesday, the ComPower Electronic-thon will be held. Participants will use their laptops and cell phones until the power runs out. The twist, however, is that first person to drain both devices’ batteries wins a ComPower. Wednesday, our team will hold a bake sale where students can purchase ComPower shaped cookies and candy. Our team will host “Cafe Night” on Thursday, hiring a DJ for entertainment. A ComPower release party will be held at a local club. Howard students will be admitted for free with an HU ID. On Saturday, our team will encourage students to participate in a community service event. Students who volunteer will have the chance to receive a ComPower. Finally, on Sunday, our team will sponsor a campus-wide scavenger hunt. The members of the team that completes the requirements of the scavenger hunt first will each win a ComPower. ComPower SWOT Analysis An effective way to approach a situational analysis is to weigh out what the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are to the business. This is called a SWOT analysis.
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Internal Factors Strengths: o Product features Charges multiple items at once Provides 3 times the battery life No wall outlet needed Portability o Cost Less expensive than competition, but still good quality o Marketing ComPower week Monday o “Publicity Stunt”: Show someone getting the
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marketing plan - Plan The target market for the ComPower is...

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