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Promotions and incentives for Marketing Plan

Promotions and incentives for Marketing Plan - • Partner...

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Marketing Plan 4. Marketing Plan : Include information about the following: Marshele: Describe the target customers for your product or service and how you will reach those customers o Target Customers: Howard University Students o Sell in the Howard University Bookstore Sales/Distribution strategy (How will customers become aware of the company, brand, image, and products?) Promotional efforts Chalk boarding/sidewalk chalk murals “Publicity Stunt”: Show someone getting the ConocoPhillips and ComPower logos getting “tattooed” on them in order to receive a free ComPower. Offer temporary tattoos. ComPower shaped cookies/candy Electronic-thon: People stay on their electronic devices as long as they can without the ComPower. The twist is the first one out wins the ComPower!
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Unformatted text preview: • Partner with a non-profit organization to promote ComPower. • ConocoPhillips presents the ComPower Charity Weekend: Come out and volunteer on Saturday AND Sunday in order to win a ComPower • Throw a ComPower release party • Send a ComPower to celebrity Howard Alum and get an endorsement. • Organize a campus-wide scavenger hunt. (or another location) Each team of (4?) wins ComPowers • ComPower week – Monday – Tattoo stunt and handout temporary tats during the day, session about the ComPower later at night. Tuesday - Electronic-thon. Wednesday – Scavenger Hunt. Thursday – Caf Night. Friday - release party: give out ComPowers, free with HU ID....
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