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Music App. Practice Exam part 2 - ‘ 37 Beethoven had a...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘ 37. Beethoven had a ___ childhood. ‘ 9-” a. happy (I). rough [giftudwig van Beethoven lived during the _. , a. Baroque era b. Classical era c. Romantic era 39. Beethoven had a nephew and a brother, of the same name, _. a. Tamino b. Kart c. Johanna d. Leopold Meethoven was given burial. a. a commoner's b. an aristocratic c. a royal d. an unknown “’1’. The following was not an innovation of Beethoven’s: a. the use of choir in a symphony b. the growth ofthe orchestra 0. special effects of the orchestra including playing on the wood of the bow d. the creation of melody in the left hand or bass clef 42. Composers __ composing symphonies when following Beethoven’s innovations. a. had an easy time ‘ b. had a difficult time " 04:? In Beethoven’s 9m symphony, the poem “Ode to Joy” was written by _. ' a. Beethoven b. Friedrich von Schiller c. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 44. Frederic Chopin’s mother was from Poland and his father was from ____. 3. Poland . - b. France c. Germany ‘ d, italy 45. Chopin spent most of his career!In . a. Poland . b. France ‘ 0. Germany d. Italy MiG/homo was most successful in the __ genre ‘a. symphony b. string quartet c. piano works d. lieder {,4}. Hector Berlioz was from _. a. Poland b. France c. Germany d. ltaly 48. In Symphonic fantastique the woman _. 3. kills the composer . b. haunts the composer c. dies of a beheading d. a. a c. e. b. & 6. (4:9. Symphonie fantastique has five movements about _. _ a. Harriet Beecher Stowe b. Harriet Tubman " 'c. Haniet Tenkate (1. Harriet Smithson {Sp/The in Symphonie fantastique is the musical theme that represents the love interest of the composer. a. idée fixe e5; b. leitmotif .c. program (1. piano .a’ Ill. MATCHING ON BACK PAGE! IV. Extra Credit. Write in information you know not asked on this exam regarding music of the Baroque. Classical, Romantic Era (10 points maximum) ...
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