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Eng 111 Ethnography Draft - Connolly 1 Nicholas Connolly Ms...

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Connolly 1 Nicholas Connolly Ms. Woods English 111 16 September 2008 My New Found Home Writer’s Memo Classes had now started and the school nerves had kicked in. That same feeling in my stomach was back and I couldn’t take it anymore. I sat at my dorm desk and could not have felt any less comfortable. I felt anxious to get my work done and claustrophobic sitting in my tiny 8ft by 11ft dorm room. I knew I had to get out of there to be able to finish my work and to save my sanity. After previously being rejected from King Library just a few days before because classes had yet to start, I was hesitant to give it another shot. Finally, I worked up the courage and went only because I knew I wasn’t going back to that claustrophobic hole. I then grabbed my books and made my way over across campus. It was nice night in Oxford, so I was starting to relax more and my nerves were calming. *** From the outside structure one can tell this is not your typical library. The beautiful red brick and massive four pillars in front make it stand out more than any other building on campus. Whether coming from uptown or from South Quad, King Library is the most noticeable work of art on Miami University’s beautiful campus. The long walk way leads up to the always lit and always running building. King Library is different than most libraries not only because of its surplus of sources, but also because there isn’t a
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Connolly 2 building more visited than this one. Saying that every Miami student has been to King Library would be very tough to argue. And so, I was back to where I first started, at the entrance of the library. I went up to the doors and walked right in. King library, founded in 1972, has seen numerous wars, gone through multiple generations, and has more history aside from just the books. The library was named after the library director Edgar W. King who was the director from 1922-1956. The library was built in two stages, the north side stage where the King Café is located and the south side
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Eng 111 Ethnography Draft - Connolly 1 Nicholas Connolly Ms...

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