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Eng 111 Prospectus - Connolly 1 Nicholas Connolly Ms Woods...

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Connolly 1 Nicholas Connolly Ms. Woods Eng 111- First Draft 11/10/2008 My Gap Year “I took the year off” is a phrase that has changed my future forever. I didn’t follow my fellow high-school classmates off to college; not because I was lazy or decided to travel, but rather I was unknowingly following in my brother’s footsteps. I decided to take a gap year after my senior year of high school for numerous reasons. My brother Jac, who is just a year older than I am, also took a gap year, but his was more forced upon him than mine was. The day that I decided to take the year off, I was overwhelmed with emotions: happiness, fear, nervousness, excitement, but most of all curiosity. Coming from Wilmette, Illinois, you don’t hear many kids deciding to bite the bullet and be different, whether it’s taking a year off from school or anything that isn’t the excepted norm.“ The only time you will ever be able to take a year off in your life is now”, is a quote from my father. This quote is what sold me to take my gap year off from school because when you really think about it, it’s true. Any other time in you life if you take a year off, it’s because you messed up or you can’t get a job. But the time between your last year of high school and first year of college is when you can take that time off to learn about yourself and give you the opportunity to grow up, which is what most 18 years need before going off to college. The whole idea was something my father always had in mind for his two boys. He is a very old-fashioned man, and the idea of taking a gap year before college was something he had felt strong about. When Jac graduated high school my Dad thought he was ready for college so he let him go off to DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.
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Connolly 2 Jac was only ten days into school when I came down to visit for a quick weekend of fun. Fun turned out to be the last thing that would describe that weekend in September. Jac and I had got into a brother fight leaving a party and unfortunately two security officers saw this little tussle. The two officers questioned us for a bit, and me being the tough guy I think I am, started to lie to the officers and Jac had seen that they were not buying my lie after lie storyline. Jac proceeded to tell the officers the truth about our night and before I know it the officers had Jac on all fours, gave him a knee to the hip, and threw him in the back of a police car. In the matter of seconds, my life would change
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