Eng 111 Sequence 4 Writers Memo

Eng 111 Sequence 4 Writers Memo - until college so I am...

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Nicholas Connolly Eng 111 Writer’s Memo Ms. Woods 12/01/2008 Persuasive Four Writer’s Memo The sequence four writing assignment was something that I have never done before. Being in an English computer class, I was thinking we would just use our computers to take notes, and learn a few tricks on Microsoft Word. Little did I know that we would take this computer to a whole new extreme by creating websites, graphic stories, and making movies. Another tough part about this project is that the topic was very broad, we could do it on anything we wanted. For some students, a broad topic makes things very easy for them, but for me this made things much, much harder. I started to brainstorm topics that I knew very well and the one that came to mind was sailing. Sailing is a sport that I have been doing since I was very little. My family would spend the summers in Cape Cod and we would take sailing lessons all summer. I sailed
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Unformatted text preview: until college, so I am very familiar with everything and anything that has to do with sailing boats. I thought it would be a great idea to tie in something I am very knowledgeable about, sailing, and mixing it with something I have never done, creating a webpage. I tied the two together and came out with a webpage that I am very happy with. To be honest, I am not a tech guy at all, but after putting this website together I feel that I have learned a very helpful tool that will hopefully take me places when it comes time to look for a job. I am very happy we got to try something new and not have to write another paper, so thank you Ms. Woods. I will hope to do more projects like these at Miami because this is what will separate us and give us an advantage over other students....
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Eng 111 Sequence 4 Writers Memo - until college so I am...

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