Eng 111-PSA- Pre-Teens

Eng 111-PSA- Pre-Teens - reality 53,000 children die from...

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Nicholas Connolly and Chris Wideman Eng 111 Ms. Woods 11/5/08 Pre- Teens Who Haven’t Yet Joined A Gang(3) Nick: Nervous about gang violence in your neighborhood? ( Unsure voice tone) Chris: Scared about the gunshots or drugs? ( Unsure voice tone) Nick: Gang members may approach you at a young age. Chris: They will tell you about protection and make you feel comfortable Nick: Don’t believe them and never join them Chris: Gang members know how to lure young children into joining their gang, but in
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Unformatted text preview: reality 53,000 children die from gang violence in America each year (Serious tone of voice) Nick: 25 percent of prisons are made up of gang members. That is 1 out of every 4 people. (Serious tone of voice) Chris: Think about your future Nick: Stay out of jail and have a future. Chris: Kids, don’t join a gang! (Bold and serious)...
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