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Nicholas Connolly and Chris Wideman Eng 111 Ms. Woods 11/5/08 Chasing Colors: Ex- Gang Members Who Gives Advice(2) Nick: I was in a gang Chris: Gangs are a problem in today’s society Nick: No matter the situation being involved in gang activity is a choice Chris: Thinking that you are born into one gang or another is untrue Nick: It is just as easy to walk away as it is to participate. Chris: People look up to those who are different Nick: Make the smart choice and choose not to participate in gang activities All voices in this recording will be stern but laid back to show how easy and simple it
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Unformatted text preview: should be to walk away from gangs. I see no change: Clip: Shows how people are affected by gangs Nick: Gangs are out there Chris: It is important to be aware of your surroundings Nick: Do not allow gang violence in your community Chris: Stand up for your safety and the safety of others by reporting these activities Nick: Do not let these crimes go unnoticed because one day it could change your whole world Chris: I was in a gang and I got out. Nick: You can too....
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