MGT 302- Chrysler-Fiat Group Project

MGT 302- Chrysler-Fiat Group Project - Farmer School of...

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Farmer School of Business Chrysler-Fiat Assignment Objective: To experience solving real world problems within a group setting and persuasively communicating your ideas to a key stakeholder/shareholder. How to analyze a case? 1. Read it. Read it like you would a novel or a short story. Understand who the characters are and what the situation entails. Before digging in and trying to work out the details or come to specific answers, just get a “feel” for the story, the big picture. All too often it is easy to miss the real issues because of myopic focus on limited issues. 2. Read it again. This time, take notes. Use a systematic process or approach to make certain that you cover all of the issues and topics. Ask questions using your knowledge, your “hunches”, your training, and your personal point of view. Apply the models and the tools of your craft. If the case is “silent” on an issue, see if you can extrapolate or interpolate from other information. Look for “clues”. Cases and business issues are often like mysteries, and they require diligence in hunting down the necessary pieces. 3. Identify the issues. What are the problems? What decision(s) need(s) to be made? By whom? What alternatives exist? What are the pros and cons of each? Separate the problem(s) from the symptom(s). What are the likely outcomes? Who are the stakeholders and how will they
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MGT 302- Chrysler-Fiat Group Project - Farmer School of...

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