MGT 302- OSCM Assignment

MGT 302- OSCM Assignment - Nick Connolly MGT 302 Mr....

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Nick Connolly MGT 302 Mr. Beauchamp 08/24/2011 OSCM Assignment Operation Supply Chain Management may very well be the most important step in businesses day-to-day activities. Supplying the consumer with a product may seem like a very easy task, but there is so much margin for error that if those involved in the process aren’t on the same page, everything can get thrown off. The processes include developing the product, making the product, moving the product, and finally selling the product. Successful businesses are the ones who can do operation supply chain management the most efficient, effective, and quickest. We saw a great example in class when doing the card game exercise. What the card game showed was that if you get ineffective raw materials it does not matter how you put together the product and ship it out because the product was tainted from the beginning. When Phil, Alicia, and I were given our cards, the decks proved exactly what will happen when you have too many, the average amount, or a small amount of bad
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MGT 302- OSCM Assignment - Nick Connolly MGT 302 Mr....

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