FSW 261- Activity #4 Volunteering

FSW 261- Activity #4 Volunteering - and asked if they...

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Name ____Nick Connolly__________ Family Name ___Fantastic Four______ Family # ___13____ DL # __5____ DATE _____3/15/2011________ Check Appropriate Box Description should include: Who attended, describe the activity, where, how long the activity lasted, any problems that were encountered, how you are bonding as a family a. Who attended (1 point) Steven and I b. Describe the activity (2 points) Volunteering at the Oxford Family Resource Center was a very fulfilling experience. When I pulled up, there were already some volunteers working which made it an easy transition. Also, working with Steven made it comfortable. Then we were split up and I started working the register and cleaning up more inside the thrift store. It wasn’t very busy, but the few customers that did come in were very nice and I had a fun time working with them. I came out of my shell a little and since it wasn’t busy I made conversation with the customers
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Unformatted text preview: and asked if they needed any help. I had a great time and plan on going back, not just for this class. The Resource center is a very helpful place for people in the community and want to help out as much as I can while I’m still a student here. c. Where (1 point) We volunteered at the Oxford Family Resource Center d. How long the activity lasted (2 points) We volunteered for two hours (second hour) e. Problems that were encountered (2 points) No problems occurred at all. f. How you are bonding as a family (2 points) For the second hour we were there, I was in the thrift store cleaning and working at the register and Steven was in the recourse center organizing and cleaning that building. I will say that for the time we spent together, we did make conversation about how we both haven’t done much volunteer work and it felt good to put some time in to help others....
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