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FSW 261- Chapter 3 Review - 6 Why are Asian Americans...

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CHAPTER THREE REVIEW SHEET 1. How do social-historical events and developments, including globalization and age structure, shape families? __________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 2. What is meant by race and ethnicity ?_________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 3. Why does the text refer to the concepts of race, ethnicity, and minority group as social constructions ? ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4. What are the major differences between African American family life in comparison to white families? __________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 5. Describe the enormous diversity within the Latino population. ____________________ _______________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Why are Asian Americans referred to as a “model minority?” _____________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 7. Describe Miller’s typology of Native American families. _________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 8. Why are white families sometimes referred to as Euro-American families?____________ ________________________________________________________________________ 9. How is religious heritage a significant influence on family life? ____________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 10. Define social class . What are the major social-class differences concerning families in the United States today? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________...
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