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FSW 261- Church Activity

FSW 261- Church Activity - The Mass lasted roughly 45...

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Name ___Nicholas Connolly______ Family Name _____Fantastic 4_____ Family # ___6______ DL # ________3_________ DATE _____2/16/2011______ Check Appropriate Box Description should include: Who attended, describe the activity, where, how long the activity lasted, any problems that were encountered, how you are bonding as a family - Church a. Who attended (1 point) Steven, Julia, Brian and myself b. Describe the activity (2 points) We went to church on Sunday night and attended the 7:00 PM Mass. It was nice peaceful service with soft music. It was a different type of bonding experience because it was more quiet and spiritual. I did enjoy it because I go to Church with my real family, so it was nice to go to church with the Fantastic 4. c. Where (1 point) We went to was St. Mary’s Church on High Street in Oxford d. How long the activity lasted (2 points)
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Unformatted text preview: The Mass lasted roughly 45 minutes to an hour. e. Problems that were encountered (2 points) We didn’t run into any problems or arguments. f. How you are bonding as a family (2 points) We are very all comfortable with each other, now that this is our third family activity. Seeing each other out at night was a great way to start our bonding experiences, but being able to attend a serious event like Church made us all grow closer in a different way. Being Catholic I was very comfortable being in Church, but I know Julia who doesn’t practice her religion which is Judaism may have felt a little awkward at first. Steven and Brian had been to church many times before as well so they were comfortable in the church as well. It was a great activity and I am looking forward to the future experiences in the future....
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