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FSW 261- Discovery Learning #8

FSW 261- Discovery Learning #8 - which isn’t a problem at...

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Discovery Learning 8 Dr. Tonya Watson FSW 261 Due Date: 4/13 12:45 Nick Connolly FSW 261- Dr. Watson 4/12/11 Discovery Leaning Activity #8 Work and family patterns of your own parents: a. My family is very traditional when it comes to gender ideologies in a family. Growing up it was very clear to us that fathers provided for the family financially and mothers took care of the household duties. My grandparents on both sides believed in that ideology, which is why I think my parents, instilled those beliefs in us. b. My father has always been the financial provider for our family and my mother has always taken on the traditionally motherly role of running the household. Although recently my mother has started to work now that my siblings and I are much older and out of the house. Also, my Dad taught my brother and I how to play sports while my mother was always there for the emotional support. c. My mother does the majority of the cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. My father for the most part does not, and my siblings and I are counted on to help my mother when needed
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Unformatted text preview: which isn’t a problem at all now that we are older. d. Now that both of my parents work and my siblings and I are older we are all pretty independent when it comes to rewards and costs. My brother and I pay for our own expenses, and my two younger sisters have jobs where they can afford to pay for what they need. e. When we were younger, money was a lot more controversial than it is now. My dad always taught us to work for what we wanted and did not hand out cash to anyone for no reason. I respect his decision in doing that because it taught everyone in my family at a young age that we will need to provide for our own one day and by getting a job will help us with our work ethic and money managing skills. Now that has paid off because we have our own money that we can spend how we want without worrying about calling my parents up every so often to awkwardly ask for more money....
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