FSW 261- Discovery Learning 9

FSW 261- Discovery Learning 9 - women use to. This trend...

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Dr. Watson Discovery Learning 9 Due Date 4/20 Nick Connolly FSW 261 The justification for men being paid more than women in the labor force are due to the overall idea that men are thought to stay in the work force longer than women. Because women are the caregivers in most families, employers look at women as only staying at the job for a short period of time before they leave to take care of the home and the children. Also, women are less likely to further their education after college by not going to graduate school, law school, or medical school I think that the pay equity legislation will put an end to the wage gap in years to come because now that more and more women are entering into the work force at an earlier age with similar or even better degrees than men, it will become much more difficult to justify paying them less than what men are paid. Today, women are entering the work force at a younger age and are also staying in the worker force longer than
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Unformatted text preview: women use to. This trend will justify that women and men deserve to be paid the same. My opinion on comparable worth is that if the job held by a woman is equal to a job held by a man in the categories of skills needed, hours worked, and knowledge known, than both deserved to be paid the exact same amount. I do feel that the reason for it becoming such a controversial is that it is sometimes difficult to compare different jobs in different industries. My opinion when it comes to this issue is that there should not be a distinct guide line that says what compares to what, but instead to leave it up to the mangers or directors because I do feel that they know best and if they are elected to that top executive position they should be able to handle how much their employees get paid regardless of their gender. Dr. Watson Discovery Learning 9 Due Date 4/20...
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FSW 261- Discovery Learning 9 - women use to. This trend...

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