FSW 261- Exam #2 class notes

FSW 261- Exam #2 class notes - Chapter 3: Social Class and...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3: Social Class and The family • Working class (blue collar)- Natural Growth o Discipline techniques= spanking and yelling o Have more free time to hang out o Language- encouraged to ask never ask why o The accomplishment of natural growth- language, more directive o Working wrestling Federation’s • Working Class (white collar)- Concerted Cultivation o Discipline techniques= reasoning with time-out o More structural techniques o Encouraged to ask why o Self-restraint is rewarded. o Seek out skills (more in museums and libraries) o Language- negotiation is encouraged, spend more time on asking “why” o The Nutcracker • Sociologist Annette Lareau • Advantages of Natural growth o Develop ways of entertaining themselves o Survive on their own o Tend to rely more on extended family => stronger bonds o Closure family ties • Disadvantages of Natural Growth o Compliance is rewarded (don’t negotiate contracts) o Fear and hostility towards institutions • Advantages of Concerted Cultivation o More opportunities, do better in life o Better reasoning skills from asking “why” growing up • Disadvantages of Concerted Cultivation o More stress placed upon them (better jobs, school, ect) o False sense of entitlement o Dependent on schedules and are over scheduled o Hinders own child’s personal desires o Lack of free time Spanking • Healthy Spanking o Cant be mad as a parent when doing it o Do it bare bottom so you know how hard you are hitting them o 3 Controlled hit o No objects Religion as a Social Context • Beliefs, values, and morals are system provided • Support= religion as a whole provides financial support along with emotional support • Ritual= mark rituals, family traditions, prayer Ex) Baptism Technology in the family • Communication o Positive= distance for emergencies o Negative= cant get away and overbearing dependencies • Computers o Long distance day-to-day • Internet o Positive= Skype o Negative= too much time spent (kids and parents), don’t know who they are talking too, working at home can take away from family time...
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FSW 261- Exam #2 class notes - Chapter 3: Social Class and...

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