FSW 261- Exam #3 Notes

FSW 261- Exam #3 Notes - Exam #3 Study guide Covenant...

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Exam #3 Study guide Covenant Marriage A type of legal marriage in which partners agree to be bound by a marriage “covenant” States Include: Louisiana, Arizona, and Arkansas Premarital counseling and may divorce only after being separated for 2 years= main differences Louisiana was the first to adopt in 1997. Each state has option to adopt it Can divorce for adultery, domestic abuse, prison, or being abandoned for 1 year. Can site infidelity, but you need PROOF for all of these. Need a excuse! This is a choice you can do a formal marriages Pros: o Premarital counseling are less likely to go through divorce o Not easy to get out of, so gives you time and opportunities to work problems Cons o Proof of adultery is tough to get, so there can be a delay in ending the marriage o Force people to stay in an unhappy marriage which is a huge concern for the children o It is a high conflict marriage and conflict continues, stay together for 1) economic advantages for the children
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FSW 261- Exam #3 Notes - Exam #3 Study guide Covenant...

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