FSW 261- Family Activity #7

FSW 261- Family Activity #7 - Name _Nick Connolly_ Family...

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Name ________Nick Connolly__________ Family Name _____Fantastic 4_________ Family # ___13____ DL # ____7_____ DATE ____4/6/2011_______ Check Appropriate Box Description should include: Who attended, describe the activity, where, how long the activity lasted, any problems that were encountered, how you are bonding as a family - a. Who attended (1 point) Julia and I b. Describe the activity (2 points) This volunteer secession was different than the first one I spent at the Resource center. Instead of working in the Thrift Shop, Julia and I were both in the office. For the second hour I was typing up documents and also doing a little cleaning around the office like vacuuming and organizing. One of the documents I typed up was informing people in the community about places and websites that they could go to, to receive coupons and other benefits for goods. The goods ranged from food coupons to deals on furniture. These websites had survey’s to help if any of their visitors had questions,
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