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FSW 261- Family Bowling

FSW 261- Family Bowling - fraternity even has a league on...

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Nicholas Connolly FSW 261- C Dr. Watson 2/1/2011 Family Bowling On Monday January 31 st the Fantastic 4 went on our second family activity. We decided that after an entertaining family dinner, another outgoing event would be a good idea. We took our talents to the Oxford Lanes and enjoyed a nice hour of bowling with Steven, Julia, and Brian. A little note to add is that we all ironically ended up at the same bar over the weekend, so we have already become a very close family much quicker than I originally thought. Meeting up with everyone at the bowling alley was very casual and conversation started very naturally. Bowling is one of my favorite hobbies and our
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Unformatted text preview: fraternity even has a league on Wednesday nights, so I enjoyed this event thoroughly. We were all a little rusty in the beginning, but after a few frames our strokes loosened up and we all looked like professionals! This event in my opinion went very well and I think we again became closer as a family. Each time we get together, we learn more and more about each which is what makes each activity as enjoyable as they are. Having the event on a Monday cut it short a little due to academic obligations, but overall I had really fun time and am excited to see what the Fantastic 4 decides as our next family activity....
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