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Nick Connolly FSW 261 Dr. Watson 4/27/2011 Fantastic Four Family Reflection I was a very excited when Dr. Watson explained the Family Activity project in the beginning of the semester because I personally love the concept of what a family stands for. In my opinion, a family is a group of people who have a bond that is stronger than any other relationship because of the strong connection they achieve through unique experiences. I feel that way about Brian, Steven, and Julia after spending a semester getting to know then on many different levels. As we spent more and more time together our roles inside our family became very noticeable. Julia was basically the single mother, while Brian, Steven, and I were the immature brothers that just followed orders. I remember the first day of class when we went over the definition of what a family is and I can say that the Fabulous Four fits that definition very well. Even though we aren’t
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Unformatted text preview: considered to be a nuclear family, we still bonded together and shared experiences that made us closer each time we met. We all shared values that are meaningful to us, which made us trust each other and truly appreciate one another. We communicated very well by the end of the semester, which had a positive impact on all of us. It did help that Brian, Julia, and I knew each other before this class, but by the end I felt that I knew Steven just as well. The experience that connected Steven and I the best was when we volunteered together at the Family Resource Center. I forgot how close you could become with someone when you spend time helping others. Overall, I was very pleased with our experiences together as a family because we connected on levels that most classmates don’t get the chance of doing....
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