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FSW 261- Makeup Activity

FSW 261- Makeup Activity - Nick Connolly FSW 261 Dr Watson...

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Nick Connolly FSW 261 Dr. Watson 4/27/2011 Make-Up Activity 1. I thought this article was very interesting because Ms. Hochschild went very in-depth on marriages specifically about the additional roles that mother’s play in today’s society. Mothers are struggling because they are expected to take on two roles; to provide for their families financially and to take care of the household. Mothers want to continue to work, but they are also expected to take care of the children and the household chores. The struggle that some marriages go through is becoming more common because it has become very difficult for the husband and wife to find a balance of work on an economic and domestic level. Hochschild is almost saying that if a couple does find an equal balance in household and career work, their will almost always be one unhappy partner in the marriage. Either the women won’t feel satisfied or the man will be like he is under achieving. Essentially Ms. Hochschild explains that the traditional motherly role is not as
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