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FSW261- Family Dinner - more apparent how small this large...

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Nicholas Connolly FSW 261-C Dr. Watson 1/28/2011 Family Meal Yesterday, Steven, Julia, Brian, and myself went out to dinner together. As a family, we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings because of its fun and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant was bustling, which was a nice icebreaker for our first family activity. Brian and I showed up a few minutes late, and by that time Julia and Steven were comfortably seated engaged in conversation. When we sat down, we all introduced ourselves and quickly found many similarities between the four of us. Brian and Steven found out that they have a mutual friend in common that attends the University of Connecticut. Julia and I discovered we went to this same high school. Due to the large size of our school and our age gap, we hadn’t realized this before. It became more and
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Unformatted text preview: more apparent how small this large university really is. As a family, we bonded very well especially for our first activity as a family. Although I already knew Julia and Brian, meeting in this setting made our relationship that much stronger. We were all also able to get to know a new face, Stephen. I was unsure at first about how this required dinner would turn out, having never before spent time together as a group outside of the classroom. After one hour of eating, drinking and getting to know each other, our outing came to an end. Overall, this activity was a success. I can honestly say that I am thoroughly looking forward to our next meeting....
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