MKT 291- Pear Inc. Report to the BOD

MKT 291- Pear Inc. Report to the BOD - Pear Inc.s long-term...

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Pear Inc.’s long-term strategy is to produce an efficient, reliable product that meets our customer’s needs and satisfactions, while increasing products and holding a majority of the overall market share. To effectively accomplish this goal, we need to reach each market segment and make our products available to customers around the world. Initially, as a smaller company we needed to establish Pear Inc. in a global business setting, such as Chicago. To further expand, we wanted to enter the Mercedes market segment due to its potential for growth and profitability. To achieve our goals we introduced The Cheetah in order to give our customers a high quality, high performance computer. There have two key quarters that determined the future of Pear Inc throughout its existence. In quarter 3, we strived to be the leader in the Mercedes market segment, however our main competitor, Createware, held a 65% market share. We believe this was due to the fact that The Cheetah was priced too high and our advertisements were rated “poor”. In response, we lowered the price of The Cheetah in order to compete with Createwares lower prices. We also adjusted our advertisement to be more appealing to our customers by limiting our information about our computer to our top five attributes. We also added a picture to be more visually appealing to our consumers. In quarter 3 we also noticed that one company, Initech, dominated the Traveler market. To break into this market we introduced our version of the Traveler, The Albatross. This also seemed to be the most strategic market for us to introduce our next model into because of the high
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MKT 291- Pear Inc. Report to the BOD - Pear Inc.s long-term...

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