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1)Real Asset - assets used to produce goods and services. Generate net income to the economy(land,equipment,education). Financial Assets - claims on real assets(stocks,bonds,cash). Agency Problem - managers avoid risky projects to protect their own jobs. Financial Intermediaries- Connection btw the firm and the individual. Half of all stocks are held by large institutions like pension and mutual funds. Investment Bankers- firms specializing in the sale of new securities. Primary Market =new security issues to the public. Secondary Markets- trade previously issued securities among themselves. Securitization- allow lenders to remove loans from their portfolios by selling bonds backed by T-Bonds. 2)Money Market- sector of the debt markets, includes short-term, highly liquid, low risk debt instrument. Bond Market- long term borrowing that trade, comprised of fixed income. Municipal Bonds - tax-exempt, low yields, Taxable returns - 6%( bracket)=, TaxFree- 4%/(1-TB=, Corporate Bonds- long term debt,
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