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MGT 291- Assignment #4 - interest between the business...

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Nicholas Connolly MGT 291- J Dr. Wang 10/27/2010 Assignment #4 The root causes of the MGI team’s problems were that no one in the group shared the same overall plan. The fact that each person had a different vision of what they imagined the product was going to look like, the audience they were going to target, and the way they were going to go about both was the main reason the MGI team wasn’t making any progress. In the first group meeting it was understandable that there was going to be some chaos and uncertainty. The fact that Dana and Sasha’s tension with each other went on for as long as it did made the problem that much worse. They needed someone that they all respected to step up and take charge in a calm and diplomatic manner. For a group to work a leader that everyone respects and cares about is the most important part because if not someone will always degrade an idea and that brings more negativity to the group. There was a conflict in
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Unformatted text preview: interest between the business people and the music people. The difference in personalities was so great that they couldnt even settle on one idea or motive that they all could agree on. The team members all knew that there were serious problems, but no one wanted to step up and confront them, they just wanted to ignore the controversy or add more fuel to the fire. The music side was very creative and open. They could talk for hours about something, going deeper and deeper or even in a circle, which is the complete opposite of how business people work. The business side took notes, stuck to their plan, and made sure things stayed on schedule. Overall, there were just too many ideas and brainstorming and not enough action being done to put those ideas into the works. Each person had a different vision and no one was willing to compromise, which is why there were so many problems for the MGI team....
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