MGT 291- Concept Paper #4

MGT 291- Concept Paper #4 - Catherine Scurria, Joshua...

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Catherine Scurria, Joshua Weber, Matt Fischbach, Kelsey Miller, David Hurley, Nick Connolly Dr. Peng Wang 11/7/10 Virtual Leader Scenario #4 In this scenario, we have a meeting with the senior mangers of Nortic. Having already met with Herman and Will, Corey can feel more comfortable at the meeting. A new character introduced is Alan who is the President of Nortic. Tension and power are two issues to consider when in a senior management meeting. To pass ideas, building coalition with Herman and Alan is very important because they will back you up if you support what they have to say. Since tension is so high at the start of the meeting it is crucial to the success of the company to lower it. Discussing ideas such as, firing Nortic vendors, consolidating IT, and Keeping HR policies, is very difficult but keen to upholding a successful meeting. The three focus concepts we found to be most prevalent were market culture, espoused values, and personality differences. One concept we noticed in Simulation 4 was the Competing Values Framework. In specific the Market Culture is present. A Market culture has a strong external focus
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MGT 291- Concept Paper #4 - Catherine Scurria, Joshua...

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