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MKT 291- Quiz - example of using to appeal to the juror’s...

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Paul's supervisor promised Paul that if Paul perform as well as expected, he (Paul's supervisor) will recommend Paul for an internal promotion. Paul really wants to have the promotion. This example shows that Paul’s supervisor has ________ over him. a. reward power b. expert power c. referent power d. none of the above. Construct-it Inc. has been well-known for its focus on efficiency and cost-cutting and its formalized and controlling work environment. Which of the following culture best typifies the culture in Construct-it Inc.? a. Hierarchy culture. b. Clan culture. c. Adhocracy culture. d. Market culture. In the film clip “12 Angry men” we watched in class, the Architect said, “ … I think testimony that could put a boy into the electric chair should be that accurate.” This is an example of using _____ to appeal to the juror’s senses of justice and desire to base their
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Unformatted text preview: example of using _____ to appeal to the juror’s senses of justice and desire to base their deliberations on fact. a. Consultation b. Coalition c. Pressure d . Inspirational appeal A web update committee consists of eleven members. The committee has been constantly arguing with each other and is unable to decide upon how to carry out their task. There also seem to be at least three subgroups within the committee, with each subgroup fighting for control. Which stage of group development best typifies the web update committee? a. Forming b. Storming c. Norming d. Performing Michelle, who is from the US, is on foreign assignment is Mexico. She notices that her co-workers are willing to make personal sacrifices to further the organization's goals. She correctly surmises that her co-workers are most likely to come from a(n) _____ culture. a. high power distancedb. low uncertainty avoidedc. individualistic d. collectivistic...
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