MKT 291-McClelland’s Need Theory Final Presentation

MKT 291-McClelland’s Need Theory Final Presentation

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In McClelland’s Need Theory, the need for power helps both the manager and his subordinates succeed using various techniques and skills. The manager’s job would be best described as one who truly cares for what he does by teaching and supporting those below him so that they can be as successful as possible. The clip from Remember the Titans shows Coach Boone’s need for power in a much deeper aspect. Coach Boone is put into a very difficult situation because he is trying to coach the first African-American and Caucasian high school football team in America. Coach Boone does a phenomenal job using the Battle of Gettysburg as a way to connect the young boys and have them put down their differences with each other for a better cause. Coach Boone does more than
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Unformatted text preview: teach his players about football, he teaches them about how to respect and treat one another. This is how managers in a work environment are supposed to treat their coworkers. It is more than about business, it is about encouraging the people around them achieve their goals, even if it means coming together as a team. Coach Boone is a success because he is able to influence his players to put down their race issues with each other, and focus on how to come together as men and win football games. Coach Boone does not think of power as winning and always controlling, he uses it as a method to help his players learn and succeed in both life and football....
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