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Nicholas Connolly ACC 321 Dr. Rubin 4/12/11 “Leading the Exceptional Time” James Turley, the Chairman and CEO of Ernst and Young, gave some very insightful and useful information which I hope stays with me as I head out into the business world in a little over a year. Mr. Turley described the business world today as being “turbulent for companies, countries and individuals”. He also said that there are two kinds of business people, winners and losers. Winners are the ones that during this tough time have a very aggressive mindset towards investments and a strong focus on execution. He was a avid fan of entrepreneurs because they are the ones who have been very successful in the last decade due to their ability to seek out a need that exists in the world today, find a solution to fix that need, and finally have the courage to risk everything to achieve their goal. Mr. Turley also mentioned how business is shifting in three different ways. There is a shift in capital specifically moving from the west to the
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