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$21 billion in revenue annually. “ A true citizen of the globe” Turbulent for companies, countries, and individuals. These times are about winning and losing. Winning= during times like this having an aggressive mindset towards investment and a strong focus on execution. Have the mindset of an entrepreneur. Don’t think about themselves and see the needs that exist out in the world. Find a solution to fix that need. Then have the courage to risk everything to achieve that dream. Most fail the first few times, but they keep trying and the do succeed. Have to be aggressive and a clear head of the landscape of what’s out there Losers= little risk taking because of an abundance of fear. Afraid of the policies here and aboard were so uncertain they didn’t know what the landscape was going to look like 1) Shift in capital from west to east, from regulated to deregulated markets, ect. 2) Shift in demographics (gender, ethnicity, religion, ect)
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