BLS 465- Assignment #8

BLS 465- Assignment #8 - Nick Connolly BLS 465 Dr Meyers...

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Nick Connolly BLS 465 Dr. Meyers 09/19/2011 Assignment #8 The Rites of Passage is a story about an older, less educated farmer named Cephas, who comes into a welfare building trying to donate an enormous amount of food that he had spent a long time preparing. Cephas is very humble because he doesn’t go into the building and tell the people working what he has brought. Instead, he goes from employee to employee waiting for them to ask him for his reason for being there. Finally, he meets a nice, patient woman who is willing to hear his story. The people working at the welfare center are in disbelief when he shows them all of the food he has grown himself and transported over from his farm. Typically, most people who have been on welfare don’t return the favors given to them, but Cephas has returned the favor ten times over. Cephas bringing in 400 chickens, 30 barrels of tomatoes, 30 barrels of apricots, 10 barrels of beans, 6 firkins of butter, and a hundred gallons of milk brought disbelief to everyone who witnessed this donation. This amazing act of generosity was so
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BLS 465- Assignment #8 - Nick Connolly BLS 465 Dr Meyers...

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